Winergy, LLC

In the world of industrial hygiene, many of the hazards we study can be unseen and possibly unknown. Winergy partners with employers to raise risk awareness, protect employees, and manage risks.

About Us

Since 2008, Winergy has had extensive experience in testing and certifying HEPA filtered medical and laboratory equipment, clean and isolation rooms, and pharmacy compounding suites. We test and certify to all major national standards: NSF/ ANSI 49, USP <797> & <800>, CETA, ACGIH, ISO and IEST.  Our certified technicians can service, maintain, repair, and certify Class I and Class II biosafety cabinets, positive and negative pressure isolators, laminar airflow workstations, chemical fume hoods, grossing stations, and animal changing stations.

Through partnership with your facility’s engineers, safety professionals, HVAC technicians, and laboratory and pharmacy supervisors, Winergy can test, adjust, and balance sterile processing areas, operating theaters, isolation rooms and other critical areas where environmental controls are necessary. We are committed to ensuring controlled air flow requirements, pressure differentials, and clean air classifications are achieved, tested, and maintained.

What We Can Do


As a rapidly growing Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) with offices across the country, we have active contracts across the continental U.S. and overseas territories with the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense, and civilian hospitals and research facilities. We have the experience and knowledge to reduce risk and cost, ensure compliance and certifications, and maintain your equipment to the highest standards.

At Winergy we employ a staff of Board (ABIH) Certified Industrial Hygienists and practicing industrial hygienists with extensive experience in biology, chemistry, health physics, toxicology, law and medicine. The asset that we provide our clients is knowledge; the services we provide are based upon the knowledge and understanding that we have in the field of industrial hygiene. This includes industrial hygiene, biosafety cabinet and chemical fume hood testing and certification, clean room certification, HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing, and environmental compliance services.


Let Us Solve Your
Compliance Problems

We encourage our staff to pursue additional experiences and education to maintain a critical lead on the current standards and technology. We also encourage our staff to share their knowledge through training and teaching programs and through the publication of papers. We have several industrial hygiene publications in peer reviewed and secular journals and have the benefit of many years of practical experience beyond our academic training. Our staff members have published with organizations such as the American Water Works Association, the International Ozone Association, Cleaning and Restoration and the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.